Design & Treatment Services

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Design & Treatment Services

Design & Treatment Services

Scientists and Engineers at Galaxy Environmental & Engineering Consultancy Services (PVT) LTD. have designed wastewater treatment facilities of different capacities. We offer expert knowledge in advanced, conventional plants for organic removal; as well as complex nutrient removals/recovery processes that range from compliance evaluations to turnkey delivery of completely operational ones!


Treatment Technologies


We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and technologies. We have a team of experts, who are devoted exclusively to developing new techniques that will be able to meet your needs moving forward!

  • Preliminary treatment

  • Primary and secondary treatment

  • Tertiary treatment/disinfection

  • Treatment technology

  • Biological nutrient removal (BNR)

  • Real-time control


Process Modeling


We use state-of-the art process models to optimize your solution for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Chemical addition systems

  • Biological treatment

  • Odor source and dispersion

  • Resource recovery

  • Wet weather treatment

  • Energy management

  • Computational fluid dynamics

  • Carbon inventory and emissions

  • Data inventory, analysis, and management




Galaxy Environmental & Engineering Consultancy Services (PVT) LTD. has the expertise and knowledge to handle any project, including working with our clients so they can implement best practices for operations. This includes helping them figure out how their space will be run effectively from the start-to-finish—including all aspects of management that are important in today’s world!

    • Operator training

    • Best treatment practices

    • Plant operations and optimization

    • Equipment analysis and evaluation

    • Process start-up and commissioning