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Solid Waste Management

ISWM is an overall approach to creating sustainable systems that are economically affordable, socially acceptable, and environmentally effective. Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems involve using a range of different treatment methods all at once in order for them to work together well.


It’s important not just one but many options can be chosen depending on what situation you’re looking into because no single method will handle everything meaningfully- thus requiring multiple arrangements to be evaluated equally as well. Effective management schemes need to operate so there best meet current social economic conditions within your municipality. 


Thanks for your interest in our services! We offer data-driven solutions that optimize recycling, diversion, and waste management programs.


Our wide range of planning & financial modeling analysis will help you find opportunities to reduce disposal costs by identifying material streams with potential or current reused content so we can encourage more sustainable practices across all sectors – federal government entities including state agencies & municipalities.


Trade associations as well as other NGOs such as private sector generators want their materials recycled correctly instead of sent off-site where they could end up being burned which is not environmentally friendly at all because it releases methane gas into the atmosphere and gives off CO2.


Our Services include:


  • -Waste Characterization, Generation, and Composition Studies
  • -Collection System Optimization and Technology Upgrade
  • -Collection, Transfer, Disposal and Processing Procurement Assistance
  • -Visible Litter Surveys and Litter Policy Research
  • -Solid Waste Management and Zero Waste Plans
  • -Recycling & Composting Program Development
  • -Business and Institutional Waste and Recycling Audits
  • -GIS & Computer-Optimized Routing
  • -Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies