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Industrial Hygiene

The role of the industrial hygienist is to monitor workplace conditions and identify any potential health hazards. It’s important for them not only be knowledgeable about what type or extent worker exposure may occur but also how it can affect someone physically.


Through chemical irritants like fumes, dusts etc.; physical discomfort such as ergonomic risk factors which cause chronic pain in certain parts of our bodies more often than others (e Grey 2004); biological agents -suchas bacteria found on equipment where there are open wounds.


Galaxy Environmental & Engineering Consultancy Services (PVT) LTD. is a leader in industrial hygiene and occupational safety. We has conducted OSHA audits, completed monitoring studies to help protect workers from hazards on the job site as well as implemented protective measures. 


Like gloves or masks when needed by implementing programs that promote healthy workplace conditions for everyone involved including employers who want their staff safe at all times so they can do what’s necessary without worrying about potential health issues down the line because of chemical exposure.


Exposure Monitoring:


  1. 1. Air
  2. 2. Noise
  3. 3. Radiation
  4. 4. Mold
  5. 5. Vapor intrusion
  6. 6. Asbestos
  7. 7. Lead
  8. 8. Design and evaluation of ventilation equipment
  9. 9. Develop and / or audit:
  10. 10. Respiratory Program
  11. 11. Confined Space Entry
  12. 12. Personal Protective Equipment
  13. 13. Indoor Air Quality Surveys (IAQ)
  14. 14. Hazardous Materials Management
  15. 15. Process Safety Management
  16. 16. Emergency Response Plans
  17. 17. Ergonomics