Lux & Noise Level Monitoring

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Lux & Noise Level Monitoring

Lux Level Monitoring


Likewise, excessive levels of artificial light produce annoyance and can adversely affect health. These detrimental effects may depend on the spectrum as well as overall brightness level; there’s also research that suggests it might be harmful to our Circadian rhythm (which is responsible for regulating things like sleeping patterns). LUX according to national & international environmental standards!


Noise Level Monitoring


The adverse health outcomes of noise pollution are well-established. Noise level refers to the measure in decibels (dB) from 20dB minimum recommended for safe working conditions, and up towards 120 dBs which can be hazardous if not helmets worn during construction sites where materials may Explode or function explode due to certain factors like high temperatures that cause reactivation ingredients within them expand beyond their original volumes causing sudden release upon impact allowing potentially dangerous particles escape into the air flowing past our faceplate layer consisting mainly FPS hair Cells _____ Blood summarizes this passage.


Areas we cover:


  • -Commercial areas
  • -Construction sites
  • -Indoor Laboratories
  • -Roads/ Highway
  • -Generator Areas / Canopy
  • -Industrial Estates