Water analysis

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Water analysis

The importance of water is often underrated. Not only does it provide us with life-sustaining functions, but also helps maintain our physical wellbeing and mental clarity!


Water quality standards describe the level at which drinking waters must meet in order for them to be considered ‘safe enough’ when consumed by humans – this means they don’t contain any harmful chemicals or bacteria that could make you sick if ingested accidentally while washing dishes etc.


In developed countries like ours where most household supplies meet these requirements already (even though only about 10% can actually come into contact), there’s no need fearfully wondering whether your tap will give out next week due an upcoming drought event.


Meteorological phenomena are described and quantified by the variables of Earth’s atmosphere as follows:


  • -Wind speed and direction
  • -Air temperature
  • -Air pressure
  • -Air humidity
  • -Precipitation
  • -Haze and contents of the air
  • -Solar and terrestrial radiation


At different spatial scales are used to describe and predict weather on local, regional, and global levels.