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Research Institute

Galaxy Environmental & Engineering Consultancy Services (PVT) LTD. Research Institute (GERI) was established in 2020 under section 42 to establish a research and development center for sustainable growth. As Pakistan is developing, any initiative that accounts for the well-being of people or the nation as a whole needs more time now than ever before!


A lot can happen within just one generation so it’s important we take steps now while they’re still Some forests left – especially if you want your kids someday to live here too!


The objectives of the strategic planning are:


    • Poverty Eradication.

    • Sustainable urbanization.

    • Aim to globalize Women Empowerment.

    • Management of Water Resources.

    • To stop Gender Discrimination.

    • Maintenance of historic Places.

    • Establish a system corresponding to the awareness of people and access to Health Services.

    • Conduct research that contributes to the development of human resources who can play a leading and core role in society and researchers who can conduct cutting-edge research.